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Ethos Spa is dedicated to providing aesthetic procedures using the latest medical advances, customized for each client. Our treatments are safe, effective, and show immediate results. Call (908) 273-5400 Laser hair removal, Botox, Ultherapy, Juvederm, Sculptra and Tattoo removal are very specialized services. The professionals at Ethos Spa are here to help you achieve your non invasive cosmetic goals. If you would like to rejuvenate your skin and improve your self confidence, Ethos Spa is here to assist you. Add life back your skin and take years off your appearance. Ethos Spa has 2 locations in Northern New Jersey which are the next generation of treatments and technology. These new services are complimented by an amazing staff of friendly educated professionals.

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Voluma Dermal Filler
$750 per syringe
19 Apr 2017
18 May 2017
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@EthosSpa Oct 20, 19:42

Skin rejuvenation is with the Picosure focused treatment. Most clients require 2 to 3 treatments to see an improvem…

@EthosSpa Oct 18, 19:42

See if you are a good candidate for PRP hair growth treatments. These treatments can change your life. Learn more…

@EthosSpa Oct 16, 22:34

@andytbfh Ever had a chemical peel? It can do wonders to your face. Here is more info:

@EthosSpa Oct 16, 19:40

Freeze those stubborn fat areas that diet and exercise aren't helping. Learn more:

@EthosSpa Oct 13, 19:38

Dr. Soni and our favorite girl, @jwoww! #EthosSpa #njmedspa

@EthosSpa Oct 11, 19:38

A great way to fight the signs of aging without the need for incisions. Learn more about Botox:…

@EthosSpa Oct 11, 16:23

Michelle discusses how happy she is with the service and results she is receiving at Ethos Spa. For more info:

@EthosSpa Oct 09, 19:37

Hey fellas, laser hair removal works for you too. Learn more:

@EthosSpa Oct 08, 16:00

Laser hair removal permanently destroys the follicle, so that hair cannot regrow.

@EthosSpa Oct 07, 16:00

We have several laser hair removal devices to choose from, which allows us to match the right device to each patients skin and hair type.

@EthosSpa Oct 06, 19:35

The reason why CoolSculpting was invented 😍 #EthosSpa #njmedspa

@EthosSpa Oct 04, 19:35

All skin types don’t respond the same way.

@EthosSpa Oct 02, 19:34

Daily Peel Pads help improve the appearance of enlarged pores and smooth skin texture. Buy now:…

@EthosSpa Sep 29, 16:54

Picosure laser works by the principle of removing damaged layers of skin. Read blog:

@EthosSpa Sep 27, 16:53

Are sick of dealing with this embarrassing issue? It's time you learn about PRP for hair restoration. Learn more:…

@EthosSpa Sep 25, 16:52

Our staff learning new CoolSculpting techniques at the CoolSculpting University. #EthosSpa

@EthosSpa Sep 22, 16:51

Say goodbye to unwanted facial wrinkles and lines. Learn more:

@EthosSpa Sep 20, 16:47

A wedding demands help from trained experts who know how to get your skin glowing with bridal bliss. Read blog:…

@EthosSpa Sep 18, 16:47

Tummy Tuck Vs. Coolsculpting: Is surgery the answer? Read blog:

@EthosSpa Sep 15, 16:45

Daily to-do list. #EthosSpa

@EthosSpa Sep 13, 16:44

You could do this OR you could try #Botox. Save 15% off your first visit:

@EthosSpa Sep 11, 16:40

She's ready. #laserhairremoval Save 15% off your first visit:

@EthosSpa Sep 08, 16:39

Yesterday you said today. Save 15% off your first visit:

@EthosSpa Sep 06, 16:38

Men typically choose #laserhairremoval in the beard area, back, chest or abdominal region. Learn more:…

@EthosSpa Sep 04, 16:37

Our priority is patient satisfaction. Save 15% off your first visit:

@EthosSpa Aug 30, 20:33

Experience the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite, an award-winning micro-needling device. Learn more:

@EthosSpa Aug 28, 21:57

TruSculpt tightens skin, melts away fat, and is FDA-approved to reduce cellulite. Learn more:…

@EthosSpa Aug 25, 21:57

That time @JWoww visited our office. #EthosSpa

@EthosSpa Aug 23, 21:56

Teamwork makes our dream work. #EthosSpa

@EthosSpa Aug 23, 21:38

Do you have a particular “problem area” that will not respond to diet or exercise? Learn more about CoolSculpting:

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